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What Are The Features Of Veterinary B-ultrasound?

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-11-17
1.Veterinary use of B-monitoring follicular development and ovulation when breeding, improve the breeding rate to provide a reliable scientific basis;
2.Veterinary monitoring of B-early pregnancy can be found in 23 days after breeding empty sows in order to deal with as soon as possible;
3.Pregnancy veterinary B Ultrasound can be promptly found stillbirth, abortion, embryo absorption, etc., while the number of estimated Aberdeen;
4.B-monitoring of beast birth can be used to determine the fetal vitality and fetal, fetal clothing is exhausted;
5.Postpartum veterinary B-monitoring can be observed uterine recovery, while the diagnosis of endometritis, uterine suppuration, fluid and other reproductive disorders.
6.The living body can be used for determination of backfat thickness and oculomotor area to provide accurate data for breeding pigs and quality identification.
7.Pregnancy diagnosis: sow pregnancy gestational sac can be detected 18 days, the accuracy of pregnancy after 21 days up to 100% pregnant 23-28 days can be found out the number of pregnant piglets; 30 days after breeding cattle to determine whether it is pregnant;
8.Back fat measurement:measuring the pig's back and eye muscle area
9.Check sow uterine function status: Can be used to diagnose sow endometritis, uterine suppuration and uterine effusion and other reproductive disorders.
10.Observe the physiological status of the fetus: Through fetal heart rate measurement, to determine whether there is stillborn fetus and mummies.
Note: The ability to inspect the functioning of the uterus and observe the physical condition of the fetus requires that the operator have specialized knowledge.