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What Is The Role Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank?

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-11-13
1, The preservation of animal semen activity.
Mainly used for cattle, sheep and other fine breed livestock and animal preservation of semen, as well as long-distance transport and storage.
2, Biological samples of the active preservation.
In the field of biomedical vaccines, bacteria and viruses, cells and human and animal organs, can be soaked in liquid nitrogen stored in liquid nitrogen, long-term activity of preservation. Need to use, remove the thawing temperature can be used.
3, Cryogenic processing of metallic materials.
Liquid nitrogen stored in liquid nitrogen tank for cryogenic treatment of metal materials,Can change the microstructure of a metal material, a metal material is significantly improved hardness, strength and wear resistance.
4, Precision parts cryogenic assembly.
The precision parts after liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment after assembly, improve the quality of parts assembly, thereby enhancing the overall equipment or apparatus performance.
5, Frozen in the medical and health industry, medical surgical cooling.