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Ice Machine Does Not Make Ice What Are The Reasons?

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-11-08
Ice machine is mainly used for scientific research institutions, hotels, restaurants, Western restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants, canteens, supermarkets and other places, the correct judge ice machine does not make the ice in order to facilitate timely processing, improve work efficiency A lot of help,here are some common problem analysis:
1. Symptoms: The compressor is working but not cooling.
Reason: Leakage of refrigerant or two-way solenoid valve is not closed properly.
Maintenance: Leakage after the leak plus cooling liquid or replace the solenoid valve
2. Symptoms: The compressor has been working to cool, the pump has been working pumping water, ice continues to thicken, but can not always enter the ice removal process automatically.
Reason: Measuring the water temperature probe failure, the intelligent control system can not effectively sense the water temperature and work, mistakes in the wrong program, or controller failure.
Maintenance: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the water temperature probe (when the water temperature in the water tank is near 0 ℃, unplug the three-core wire in the control box and test the resistance of the two wires on both sides). If the resistance is above 27K , It is determined that the controller is bad and should be replaced. If the resistance is lower than 27K, disconnect one of the two wires and adjust the resistance to between 27K and 28K by connecting the resistors in series.
3. The machine enters the de-icing routine (the pump stops working and the compressor stops cooling) but the ice does not fall off.
Cause: The two-way solenoid valve is damaged.
Maintenance: Replace the solenoid valve body or outer coil.
4. Lights short but the machine does not automatically fill water.
Cause: There is a fault in the pipe without water or water inlet valve. The valve is not open.
Maintenance: Check the pipeline water conditions, water is opened after the restart the water. Water solenoid valve is replaced if defective.
5. Compressor work but the pump has not been working (no water)
Cause: The pump is damaged or blocked inside the pump.
Repair: clean the pump or replace.