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How Does Liquid Nitrogen Tank Release Liquid Nitrogen

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-11-03
How to liquid nitrogen from liquid nitrogen tank, there are three ways:
1, Direct pour liquid nitrogen:
General liquid nitrogen directly from the liquid nitrogen tank directly poured out, but this method should pay attention to liquid nitrogen infiltration of the skin lead to frostbite, large capacity liquid nitrogen tank one person is difficult to operate, need to use pressure device (liquid nitrogen pump) Liquid nitrogen pump applications are as follows:
2, Liquid nitrogen pump:
Close the liquid nitrogen pump to leave the valve (clockwise rotation, fastened to the present), liquid nitrogen pump into the liquid nitrogen tank, according to the rotation direction tighten the lock mother, so that ring liquid nitrogen pump and container neck seal (hand can be tightened); In one aspect, the liquid nitrogen pump can be removed from the liquid nitrogen container.
Use the foot pump several times, liquid nitrogen can flow out.
Note: This equipment can only be used in tanks with a diameter of 50mm.
3, Through the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank infusion:
(1),Closing the air valve; 
(2),Open the pressurized valve;
(3),Observe the pressure gauge;
(4),When the pressure rose to 0.05MPa (0.5kg/cm2) (or to the required use of pressure), open the liquid valve, you can continuous infusion.
Principle: the use of a small amount of liquid nitrogen tank to produce pressure, so that the container can automatically discharge liquid nitrogen, so as to other containers for liquid nitrogen supplement.
These are the common method of pouring liquid nitrogen from the liquid nitrogen tank【Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers】