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The Basic Method Of Animal B - Ultrasound Enhancement

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-10-30
   Animal B-image enhancement method is basically as follows:
   l, grayscale conversion. Grayscale transformation is one of the important means to enhance the use of B-image,By increasing the grayscale range expanded or changed to improve clarity, image features more apparent. It is mainly the use of point operations to correct pixel gray, usually can be divided into linear, piecewise linear, non-linear three transformations.
   2, histogram equalization. Histogram equalization is an enhancement of the B image in the airspace, which is one of the most common and basic methods. At present, it contains the traditional histogram equalization, local histogram equalization storage two categories.
   3, histogram specifications. According to the image correction method of the enhancement method, the irregular histogram of the processed gray scale image is made into a well-defined shape of the histogram.