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Small Automatic Ice Maker

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-10-28
    With the gradual improvement of the Chinese catering industry and the Russian beverage industry, people want to increase the consumption of ice, in the hotel, restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars, ice machines become essential refrigeration equipment.
    This article describes the Tianchi brand automatic consumption of ice machine, using all stainless steel shell, beautiful appearance, the room with coins. Knot small. Covers an area of small, especially their own two waterways, water can be directly ice consumption, the use of more convenient health.
    The following brief description of its structure and working principle:
    The ice making tray is located above the liner of the ice machine with an inverted clamp and an evaporator for cooling. The bottom of the ice tray is the ice head, the water can pass through the tap water, or through the pump pressure jet. Spray ice water from the ice, the ice pits quickly frozen, the ice reaches a certain size, the role of the sensor, so that the ice touches the ice after the next ice process. 
    Machine liner and water and plastic parts in direct contact with the use of antimicrobial materials to ensure health costs. The lining is covered with a foam suppressing layer so that the internal ice does not melt rapidly.