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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Use Procedures

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-14
        Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Use Procedures
        Veterinary B-machine in the breeding of large animals plays a very important role, the following to introduce the use of veterinary B-use procedures
        1) Baoding: sows generally do not need Baoding, as long as you can stay quiet. Posture is the best side, climb lying, standing or feeding can be. Individual difficult to close the sow, can be used to catch pigs, mouth rope or door panels and other crowded into the corner for exploration. Large-scale pig under the conditions, can be carried out in the restricted bar. Rectal exploration, the sows need to stand Baoding.
        2) Exploration site: in vitro exploration is generally in the lower abdomen around the front of the breast before the breast, from the last pair of breasts (commonly known as milk bag) after the top of the start, with the pregnancy, the exploration site gradually forward, and finally reach the ribs end. Pigs are scarce, do not have to cut hair, but to keep the exploration site clean. Scraping soil and dirt, coating the coupling agent when probing. Rectal exploration, the need to Baoding, without coupling agent, can be used to wet the probe water disinfection.
        3) Exploration method: in vitro exploration, the probe close to the abdominal wall, early pregnancy probe, the probe toward the pubic lead, pelvic cavity entrance direction, or 45 degrees angle obliquely opposite the top of the probe close to the skin, before and after the upper and lower Fixed-point fan-shaped scan, action to slow. Pregnancy early embryo is very small, Doppler probe to carefully slow to explore. Do not slide the probe on the skin.