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Resulting In Liquid Nitrogen Accident Factor

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-09
        External Environmental Impact
        ① High Temperature And Pressure
        Liquid nitrogen is made by air compression cooling, gasification can be restored to nitrogen. Each liter of liquid nitrogen gasification, the temperature rose 15 ℃, The volume expansion of about 180 times. An explosion occurs when the external temperature pressure exceeds the cooling temperature and pressure that the tank should withstand.
        ② Collision Vibration
        Liquid nitrogen container has a special anti-shock design, in addition to standing storage, but also in the filling state of transport use. But the Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank in the violent collision and vibration, will cause the insulation layer or other parts of the damage, the external environment will directly affect the gasification, causing an explosion.
        ③ Sealed Ventilation Bad
        If the use of liquid nitrogen and storage environment, ventilation is not good, will cause indoor nitrogen and nitric oxide gas concentration concentration dispersed, to the explosion limit, causing an explosion.