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The Range Of Application And Usage Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-07
       The Range Of Application And Usage Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank
       With the progress of science and technology, Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank also be used in many fields, either in life or production it can be seen in the figure, such as the medical industry, biomedical industry, metal industry, precision    instruments and so on.
       1. The application in the biomedical industry, at present is mainly used for fine sire and precious animals such as cattle, sheep semen preservation, and the vaccine, long-distance transportation and medical fungus poisonous species, cells and organs of people, animals, soaking Yu Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank stored in liquid nitrogen, active for a long time preservation.
       2. The application in the metal industry: using the tianchi liquid nitrogen tank storage of cryogenic liquid nitrogen for metal materials, and can change the microstructure of metal materials, significantly increase the hardness of metal materials, strength and wear resistance.
Precision instrument application in electronic industry, the precision parts assembly after liquid nitrogen after cryogenic treatment, improve the quality of parts assembly, so as to improve the machine performance of equipment or instruments.
       3. The application of the health care industry: using liquid nitrogen container stored in liquid nitrogen as a coolant to surgery, therapy or refrigeration freezing cells, tissues, etc.Cold therapy instrument for hospital clinical each department can replace operation, safe non-toxic, harmless less painful, without damaging healthy tissue, sterilization effect is good.
       4.If use surgical treatment, inheritance defect after scar often is inevitable, but never frozen treat these conditions, and the effect is more ideal.