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Liquid Nitrogen Container Storage Knowledge

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-06
        Liquid Nitrogen Container Storage Knowledge
        1) Liquid nitrogen is ultra-low temperature material, the temperature up to -196 ℃, the operation should pay attention to their own protection to avoid frostbite. When using liquid nitrogen indoors, pay attention to ventilation. It is reported that one volume of liquid nitrogen can evaporate to about 700 times the volume of gas nitrogen, resulting in the same volume of oxygen in the air content, the normal air oxygen content is 21%, if the oxygen content of less than 16%, will affect human health.
        2) It is strictly prohibited in the liquid nitrogen container cover on the items placed on, so that the evaporation of nitrogen can naturally overflow. Should use the matching cover plug, is strictly prohibited to use self-made cover plug the mouth, so as not to increase the liquid nitrogen tank pressure, resulting in damage to the tank,serious can cause safety problems.
        3) In order to effectively reduce the loss of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen tank should be placed in the sunshine, away from heat,25cm above the ground on a solid stent. Stent can be used angle welded frame, covered with wood and other poor thermal conductivity of the material.
        4) Liquid nitrogen container in the use of the process, we should pay attention to observation.Under normal circumstances, the container up and down the temperature of the same, remove the cover after the mouth of the fog is not spilled and sink to sink. If you find the container cover and the upper part of the tank "sweating" there is water or frosting phenomenon, or touch the outer wall of the tank, feeling the upper cold and lower heat, with the ears in the mouth to hear, the tank has more frequent Of the bubble sound, that liquid nitrogen tank quality has been a problem, liquid nitrogen storage time becomes shorter, should be used with caution or stop using.
        5) In order to heat the tank, the tank wall is designed as a vacuum double structure, but this structure to the tank wall to withstand a lot of atmospheric pressure, if subjected to strong bumps, vibration and other external shocks, easily lead to Liquid nitrogen tank damage, so in the transport process to pay special attention to the liquid nitrogen biological containers fixed. In practical applications, if used for transport, should use liquid nitrogen storage tank, this type is suitable for both indoor standing, but also for long-distance transport, try to avoid the use of liquid nitrogen storage tank transport liquid nitrogen.