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The Correct Use Of Probe Method

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-02
         Probe maintenance
         ● Probe is an expensive part but frangible. Never hit it or drop it on floor. Please use medical ultrasound Gel during diagnoses. Do daily inspection on the probe enclosure to see whether it is cracked and to protect it from the water inrush.
         ● Check the probe regularly to see whether it is filled with clean medical castor oil, air in it will influence the image quality. If air bubbles appear, turn the probe oil filler hole up and screw off the sealing screw, turn the probe slowly to drive the air bubbles to the screw hole, infuse a little bit of castor oil into the screw hole with syringe with a needle , vent the air bubbles and fasten the sealing screw and finally clean the oil stain on the probe surface.
         Use of the probe
         In order to prolong the probe's service life and obtain optimum performance, please follow these instructions:
         1. Periodic inspection on veterinary ultrasound scanner probe cable, socket and acoustic window.
         2. Shutdown the device before connecting or disconnecting the probe.
         3. Do not drop the probe or flint body,and never hit the probe acoustic window, otherwise the probe will be damaged.
         4. Do not attempt to heat the probe.
         5. Do not attempt to bend or pull probe cable, otherwise the internal connection will be broken.
         6. The Gel should be placed only on probe’s header and after using it, clean with a damp cloth.
         7. Inspect the probe acoustical window, enclosure and cable carefully after probe cleaning. Never use the probe again if any crack or breakage is found.