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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Of Use Maintenance

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-08-30
           Liquid Nitrogen Tank Of Use Maintenance
           1) liquid nitrogen tank only used to hold liquid nitrogen, does not allow the cost of other liquids;
           2) check the inside of the container before the use of clean and dry;
           3) before filling liquid nitrogen with a small amount of liquid nitrogen pre-cooling;
           4) for long-term storage, you need to regularly add liquid nitrogen, the timing of the general should be in the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen for the total capacity of one-third is appropriate;
           5) is strictly prohibited in the container cover to place objects and sealed neck;
           6) into or remove the frozen items, try to make the mouth open time is short, in order to reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen, do not put the barrel completely raised;
           7) to prevent the impact and collision;
           8) is strictly prohibited with a hard object to remove the frozen cream within the neck, so as not to damage the neck.
           Safety And Maintenance
           1) frostbite: no direct contact with the skin and take measures to avoid. Must come with thick leather gloves to contact the bacteria. Do not put any items that are not pre-frozen. Put the bacteria to the liquid nitrogen must be in the gas phase 2-5min, so as not to bruise.
           2) anti-injury: the system must be strictly selected when the quality of a good cryopreservation tube; strict seal; strict wear protective equipment.
           3) Note that when the liquid nitrogen is insufficient to add.
liquid nitrogen tank of use maintenance