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How to transfer specimens with liquid nitrogen tanks (livestock industry)

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-08-10
How to transfer specimens with liquid nitrogen tanks (livestock industry)
How to transfer specimens with liquid nitrogen tanks? How big is the choice? Many animal husbandry and medical industries will not know how to choose.
Transporting specimens from one area to another area takes several days on the road, and the liquid nitrogen will sway constantly during transportation. Taking these factors into account, transporting specimens has become a question of safety. Here, we make a general explanation on related issues.
1. Choose the type of liquid nitrogen tank according to the distance of the journey to ensure sufficient liquid nitrogen during transportation.
2. Whether the volume is convenient for our remote carrying is also a question worth pondering.
3. The quality of the liquid nitrogen tank must be tested well, and there should be no leakage and no heat preservation.
4. If you choose a liquid nitrogen container of 15 liters or more, you must choose a transport type.
According to conventional experience, most of the transfer of a small amount of specimens is carried out in a portable liquid nitrogen tank, the models are YDS-3 (3 liters): YDS-6 (6 liters): YDS-10 (10 liters), according to the specific transportation situation, must be Customer service communication confirmation.
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