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What is the difference between a liquid nitrogen tank and an ordinary tank

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-07-06
Liquid nitrogen is liquid nitrogen. First, it needs internal pressurization equipment to make nitrogen liquid. In addition, due to the pressurization equipment, the internal pressure will be higher, which requires its material to have a strong pressure resistance. Finally, the boiling point of nitrogen is- At 195°C, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is extremely low, requiring its ability to withstand low temperatures.
Therefore, ordinary tanks cannot store liquid nitrogen. Only liquid nitrogen tanks made of high-strength aerospace aluminum can be used. Liquid nitrogen tanks can generally be divided into liquid nitrogen storage tanks and liquid nitrogen transport tanks.
The storage tank is mainly used for static storage of indoor liquid nitrogen, and should not be used for long-distance transportation under working conditions;
In order to meet the transportation conditions, the liquid nitrogen transportation tank has been specially designed for earthquake resistance.
What is the difference between a liquid nitrogen tank and an ordinary tank