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Pet B-Ultrasound Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy with B-Ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-06-28
Veterinary ultrasound is a commonly used instrument for pregnancy diagnosis. Veterinary B-ultrasound diagnosis is a two-dimensional real-time imaging technology, which can directly observe the gestational sac, fetus, fetal heartbeat, fetal movement and fetal number. Using ultrasound scanning to diagnose pregnancy in dogs and cats is a simple, fast, accurate and reliable inspection method.
  Pregnant sac: The diagnosis of early pregnancy is based on the presence of small strong echo points (pregnant sac) in the dark liquid area. The gestational sac is an echo-generating structure, showing an elliptical light group that does not reflect strongly. The ideal time for pregnancy examination is 23 days to 25 days. The initial gestational sac is very small, with a diameter of only a few millimeters. From 20d to 24d after dog breeding, the positive rate of pregnancy diagnosis is 80%; 25d to 30d can reach more than 90%.
  Fetal heart and fetal movement time: heart beat, fetal movement is a sign of fetal vitality. With the prolonged pregnancy time, a regular and rapidly flashing light spot, namely heart beat, can be observed in the embryo body during the breeding period from 26d to 28d. 35 days of pregnancy can observe the swing of the fetal limbs.
  Determination of the number of fetuses: B-ultrasound to determine the number of fetuses has certain practical value. The accuracy rate is higher for dogs with a small number of fetuses; errors are likely to occur for breeds with a large number of fetuses. Pregnancy 28d ~ 35d is the best time to judge the number of fetuses. After more than 35 days, as the fetus grows, it often causes images to overlap or cannot display the entire fetus in one field of view, which affects judgment.