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How important is animal B-ultrasound in the diagnosis of puppies

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-06-10
The reasonable weaning method of bitches, puppies are generally weaned at about 45 days. Most of the puppies will have a stress reaction at the early stage of weaning. This period is a critical period for puppies to have difficulty in raising words, high incidence and death. Therefore, scientific weaning will improve The survival rate of puppies is very important, and it is necessary to use animal B-ultrasound to check the gastrointestinal function of puppies. Weaning can be done in batches, with strong puppies weaning first, and weak puppies weaning later. When weaning is not suitable for one-time sudden weaning, we should gradually reduce the number of breastfeeding and increase the number of feedings to consciously separate the mother and child, the separation time is gradually lengthened, generally 4-5 days can be completely weaned, and use animal B Chaolai regularly observes its condition.
Feeding the puppies carefully, the puppies that have just been weaned often appear to be restless, lack of appetite, and are prone to morbidity and death due to changes in the environment. It is necessary to regularly use animal ultrasound to check. Therefore, the puppies that are just weaned should choose a palatable and easily digestible feed. The feed can be composed of milk, broken rice, lean meat, eggs, vegetables, bone meal, etc., to ensure sufficient protein and vitamins. Animal B-ultrasound checks the development of its digestive system. Feeding should be timed, quantitative, fixed, and fixed. It is necessary to keep the feed fresh and eat less and eat more meals. At the same time, we must pay attention to timely supply of puppies with clean drinking water, and increase their exercise in an appropriate amount to improve the puppies' resistance to disease.
How important is animal B-ultrasound in the diagnosis of puppies