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Use of cryogenic treatment of liquid nitrogen tank on ceramic tile mould

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-06-01
Cryogenic treatment refers to the process of placing metal materials or parts at a low temperature of -130C ° ~ -196C ° and processing them according to a certain process. It can not only process various non-ferrous materials, but also process non-metallic materials. So how is the cryogenic treatment of liquid nitrogen tank used on ceramic tile molds?
The ceramic tile mold is a cold-made abrasive tool, and its good quality will depend on the impact resistance and wear resistance generated during the manufacturing process, because the ceramic tile mold is pressed into a rough tile with a certain humidity by a huge pressure. When the mold is formed, the molded part is under tremendous pressure, and friction is generated when the film is removed. Therefore, the quality of the mold is directly related to the impact resistance and wear resistance. The cryogenic treatment of the material is different from the general surface treatment. It can change the internal structure of the material and change it. It can effectively improve the various properties of the material, can effectively improve the service life, and can be used repeatedly for many times.
Use of cryogenic treatment of liquid nitrogen tank on ceramic tile mould