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What if the veterinary B super brightness is not enough

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-05-25
If the veterinary ultrasound machine feels that the brightness is not enough during use, and you want to adjust the brightness, you can set the gain of the ultrasound machine parameters.
Most people think that the gain is a brightness adjuster. Although increasing the gain will make the image brighter, it is helpful to understand its actual effect. The gain is the uniform amplification of the ultrasonic signal, which returns to the transducer after passing through the tissue. Therefore, instead of brightening the display, the image on the screen is whitened by uniform edges, as if the returned signal is stronger than it, so that it is easier to see. However, care should be taken not to "excessive gain". Too much magnification can cause the image to fade and lose detail or produce artifacts. If you find yourself always looking for gain control, consider why your image may be darker than you like.
What if the veterinary B super brightness is not enough