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How to save stem cells in liquid nitrogen tank can ensure its safety

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-05-20
It is a good choice to use a liquid nitrogen tank to preserve stem cells. The stem cells are gradually cooled down and refrigerated in a liquid nitrogen tank at minus 196 degrees Celsius to temporarily stop their life activities and preserve their activity. Before transplantation, it will be thawed under strict temperature and speed to ensure the activity, and then transplanted to the customer.
The safety of stem cell liquid nitrogen tank:
First of all, the basic state of the parent, that is, the donor, is used only when it is normal. After the cells are separated, we perform virus detection on each stem cell (the cells are tested for viruses (PCR, polymerase chain reaction) and bacterial heat sources) Detection. PCR technology can rapidly amplify a large amount of DNA and RNA, which greatly improves the in situ hybridization detection effect. This detection method has high sensitivity and strong specificity, and can accurately detect viruses, bacteria, mold, mycoplasma, genetics Disease and tumor genes, etc. Provide a safe scientific basis for stem cell transplantation.
How to save stem cells in liquid nitrogen tank can ensure its safety