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How to use veterinary ultrasound machine

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-05-18
Due to the large number of animal species, we will focus on sow testing and introduce them from the following aspects:
First: install the probe on the host, turn on the power of the host, see if the picture is displayed on the screen, if there is no image, see if the probe is in good contact, or contact Tianchi's technical after-sales service.
Secondly: the sows underwent pregnancy examinations. They can stand freely or lie on their sides in the restraint pen, on their inner thighs, and finally on the abdominal wall outside the nipple. During the inspection, only the probe needs to be coated with coupling agent, and then attached to the lower abdominal wall. There is no damage and irritation during the exploration. It has the characteristics of short exploration time, no stress and high accuracy.
Finally: image observation, when you see the dark area of the black gestational sac or the fetal bone image, you can confirm the negative of early pregnancy. Early pregnancy monitoring can be carried out as early as 23 days after breeding, and 22 days can be checked for successful breeding and high accuracy. The image is intuitive, when you see the dark area of the black gestational sac or the image of the fetal bone, you can confirm the early pregnancy.
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How to use veterinary ultrasound machine