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Liquid nitrogen production process

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-05-11
Liquid nitrogen is obtained by fractional distillation of air. Generally, helium refrigeration units are used to produce an ultra-low temperature environment, and the air is filtered through layers
After removing the oil and drying, all other substances that can be filtered are filtered. Get basically air with only gas. A
  Then use a high-pressure air compressor to compress into the container, and then start freezing. While the freezing system is running, it also continuously compresses the air into it, and then reaches the temperature of the gas to be extracted. When the temperature of the highest critical temperature is reached, the freezing unit is disconnected and maintained At this temperature, decompression begins, and the first gas (the highest critical temperature in the air) begins to evaporate.
After completion, the temperature set by the unit is set a little lower, and the second gas begins to evaporate. The nitrogen is continuously circulated to reach the current nitrogen is not pure (90%), so these gases (only compressed nitrogen) need to be done again according to the above steps. Then after many such operations, high purity gas (or rated purity) is separated.
  Then freeze again and store in a cryogenic liquid tank (pot). If you want to use liquid, just pull it out and install it in a cryogenic tank (or cryogenic tank).
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Liquid nitrogen production process