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How does liquid nitrogen preserve food

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-04-29
Liquid nitrogen keeps food frozen for a short time, and the ice crystals generated are very small. The freezing speed is faster than the steam penetration rate inside and outside the cell. Ice crystals are generated inside and outside the cell, which has no damaging effect on the cell. , Taste and freshness. Quick-frozen food with liquid nitrogen can be generally divided into three methods: liquid nitrogen impregnation and freezing, liquid nitrogen vapor blowing and freezing, and liquid nitrogen spray freezing.
Liquid nitrogen impregnation freezing is to make the food body contact with liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen absorbs the sensible and latent heat of the food and is evaporated to achieve the purpose of quick freezing of food. Liquid nitrogen vapor blowing and freezing is to make liquid nitrogen evaporate in a special evaporator, and then blow it to the surface of the food at a high flow rate, so that the food freezes quickly. Liquid nitrogen spray freezing is to spray liquid nitrogen onto the food, liquid nitrogen absorbs latent heat and vaporizes, and then the liquid nitrogen vapor absorbs sensible heat to increase the temperature, thus causing the food to freeze quickly. The application of this method is far more widespread and common than liquid nitrogen impregnation freezing and liquid nitrogen vapor blowing freezing.
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How does liquid nitrogen preserve food