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Why can't the liquid nitrogen tank mouth be sealed

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-04-20
Liquid nitrogen is a very low temperature substance with a temperature of -196℃. It is colorless and transparent, slightly soluble in water, strong inert, non-corrosive, and relatively stable to vibration and electric sparks. However, liquid nitrogen is also in a volatilized state at all times. Storage liquid nitrogen cannot be in a sealed container. When liquid nitrogen volatilizes to a pressure that the container cannot withstand, the container may explode.
The liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used to store liquid nitrogen and store samples. The neck of the liquid nitrogen tank is specially designed. When the plug with good insulation performance is inserted into the liquid nitrogen port, its special structure can effectively discharge the nitrogen vaporized by the liquid nitrogen to ensure It is safe and has adiabatic properties to minimize the vaporization of liquid nitrogen. To achieve the purpose of long-term storage.
Note: The liquid nitrogen tank should be stored in a cool and well-ventilated place, and it is forbidden to expose to direct sunlight. During use or storage, it is forbidden to tilt, lay horizontally, upside down, stacking, collide with each other or collide with other objects. It should be handled gently and always kept upright.
Why can't the liquid nitrogen tank mouth be sealed