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Development process of veterinary ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-04-15
The veterinary B-ultrasound  diagnosis technology is a non-radioactive and non-damaged living body diagnosis method. Since Lindhl's use of D-mode ultrasound in the diagnosis of sheep's pregnancy in 1966, great progress has been made. At present, ultrasound tomography (B-ultrasound) has been widely used abroad for disease diagnosis, pregnancy diagnosis, and in vivo measurement of animals. Although the domestic veterinary ultrasound started late, drawing on the experience of human medical ultrasound, veterinary ultrasound workers have made gratifying progress and accumulated more data after years of joint efforts. In the past ten years, B ultrasound in China has been widely used in the diagnosis of veterinary obstetrics, such as the diagnosis of postpartum uterine rejuvenation and uterine diseases in cows and sheep, early pregnancy diagnosis after breeding, monitoring fetal development and the number of pregnant women, transgenic goats and clone Sheep pregnancy analysis, sheep embryo transfer, sheep early pregnancy diagnosis and so on.
Development process of veterinary ultrasound