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Can pigs use b-ultrasound machines for other animals

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-04-08
The veterinary b-ultrasound machine is widely used in animal experiments, breeding farms, pet hospitals, etc. because of its non-invasive and intuitive features. I have recently encountered questions about whether other animals that can be used with pig ultrasound machines can be used. In fact, there are many types of animals that can be applied to animal ultrasound machines. But not every veterinary ultrasound machine is suitable for a variety of animals. A veterinary b-ultrasound, in the case of pigs, does not support the use of other animals, depending on the configuration of the veterinary b-ultrasonic machine.
For example, just like a computer, the higher the hardware and software configuration, the more comprehensive the functions and the higher the supported resolution.
Taking our veterinary b-ultrasound product as an example, generally a veterinary b-ultrasound machine can be applied to at least two kinds of animals such as pigs and sheep. High-end veterinary b-ultrasound is suitable for all kinds of large animals and small animals.
In summary, as long as the configuration can keep up, other animals can also be used with pig b-machine.
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Can pigs use b-ultrasound machines for other animals