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Cell storage in liquid nitrogen tank

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-04-07
Liquid nitrogen tanks are often used to store cells in hospitals. Because the storage of cells requires a low temperature environment, liquid nitrogen of -196 degrees will be placed in the tanks to achieve a suitable environment for the cells.
Cell storage:
  Conventionally, the cells are stored in the liquid phase of a liquid nitrogen tank. There is a special square drawer basket. A 2ml cryovial tube is placed in a cryopreservation box and then placed in the basket. Then it is immersed in liquid nitrogen and completely immersed. The cells can be stored for a long time only when the cells are completely under the liquid nitrogen-196 ° C environment.
 The other is gas phase storage. For gas phase storage, the temperature is higher than liquid phase storage, but it can reach -190 ° C, which is sufficient for cell storage. Moreover, it can also solve some problems that have been frequently encountered in liquid storage cells for a long time, but it is difficult to avoid some problems, such as sample contamination, out-of-canister bursting, etc.
 Relatively speaking, compared with the gas phase, the liquid nitrogen tank has a longer storage time for the same volume of liquid nitrogen tank, and the freezing temperature of the gas phase is slightly higher. The amount of liquid nitrogen is small, so the frequency of adding liquid nitrogen is higher, and the gas phase requires frequent addition of liquid nitrogen.
Regarding the cleaning and disinfection of laboratory supplies:
 Soak the used glassware in clear water for more than 30min, then add a little detergent to wash with ultrasonic
 About 30min, (if there is no ultrasonic scrubber, use a soft brush to gently clean it), remove it to dry, and then soak it in chromic acid washing solution for 6-18h (or overnight), wash it with tap water 10-15 times, double steam Wash 3-4 times with water, dry, and use after autoclaving.

Cell storage in liquid nitrogen tank