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How veterinary B-ultrasound tests animals

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-04-01
Veterinary B-ultrasound can be used to detect animal pregnancy time, estimate fetal number, disease diagnosis, fetal vitality identification, fetal heart beat. Its advantage is that the overall condition of all abdominal organs can be checked at the same time, including the shape, size, position, and structural level of the organs, for comprehensive judgment.
Veterinary B-ultrasound examination has the advantages of no radiation, no damage, no anesthesia, simple operation, low cost, etc.
So how do you test animals? Methods as below:
The animals to be examined must be prepared for shaving the abdomen. The shaving ranges from the lower part of the saphenous cartilage to the front edge of the pubic bone. The abdomen is shaved extensively.
Except for a few animals with obvious abdominal tenderness and irritability, most animals do not need to be sedated. Two Baoding assistants took Baoding on the supine or right side to lie the sick animals on the ultrasound examination table, keeping their heads relaxed, and quiet.
If you have special needs, you can also stand in Baoding. Apply an animal-specific anastomosis to the skin or probe of the animal and start the examination.
How veterinary B-ultrasound tests animals