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Product description of storage liquid nitrogen tank

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-03-30
Storage type liquid nitrogen tank: The main feature is the long storage time of liquid nitrogen, which is suitable for long-term storage of active biological materials and specimens.
Product use: Suitable for long-term standing skin in the room, laboratory specimen preservation, cooling and cooling of mechanical parts, and also for cold treatment in hospitals.
Product description: This series of products are made of rust-proof aluminum alloy. It adopts a high-vacuum multi-layer super-insulation structure. It is light in weight, has a small daily loss of liquid nitrogen, and has a long static storage time. Stored at low temperature, there are a large number of customers when a large amount of white gas appeared on the container mouth when they were just filled with liquid nitrogen.
We remind customers that because the liquid nitrogen is -196 and the temperature difference between the container is large, the low temperature liquid nitrogen has just been placed in the liquid nitrogen container with the same ambient temperature. White gas, this is normal. When the temperature reaches equilibrium, this phenomenon disappears naturally.
Product description of storage liquid nitrogen tank