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Application of liquid nitrogen tank in food industry

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-03-16
Liquid nitrogen tanks with small liquid nitrogen quick freezers and liquid nitrogen quick freeze equipment have the following advantages:
 (1) Liquid nitrogen in liquid nitrogen tanks is non-toxic and inert to food ingredients. Furthermore, because it replaces air from food, it can minimize oxidation changes during freezing and storage with packaging.
(2) Liquid nitrogen can be in close contact with all parts of irregularly shaped foods to reduce heat transfer resistance to a minimum. The liquid nitrogen tank plays a very important role in this process as a storage container for liquid nitrogen.
 (3) The dry consumption of frozen food is small. The dry consumption rate of food frozen with a general freezing device is between 3% and 6%, and the dry consumption rate of liquid food frozen with a liquid nitrogen freezing device in a liquid nitrogen tank is between 0.6% and 1%. Therefore, it is suitable for freezing some foods with higher moisture content, such as bayberry, tomatoes, crab meat and so on.
(4) Small footprint, low initial investment and high device efficiency.
(5) The quality of frozen food is high. Because the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is in direct contact with food and a strong heat exchange is performed at a temperature difference of more than 200K, the freezing speed is extremely fast, and the temperature can be reduced by 7 to 15K per minute. The ice crystals in the food are small and uniform, and the food quality is high after thawing.
  With the further improvement and development of liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology, liquid nitrogen tanks are rapidly and widely used in fish, shrimp, crab, chicken, duck, meat (cow, sheep, etc.), fruits (myrica, litchi, etc.), vegetables, and All kinds of prepared foods (steak, sashimi, meatballs, fried shrimp, patties, hamburgers, pizza, egg products, soups, etc.) are frozen and the production of liquid nitrogen ice cream.