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Advantages of storing sperm and embryos in liquid nitrogen

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-03-02
Sperm and embryos stored in liquid nitrogen tanks have replaced steam storage for two reasons:
1.Low cost of liquid nitrogen tank
(1) The liquid nitrogen tank has a lower price and smaller volume than a steam storage container, which is convenient for transportation and does not require large-scale investment.
(2) Due to the relatively large capacity of the steam storage system, the inefficient refrigeration space and the expensive use of liquid nitrogen increase the cost.
2. Sperm and embryo have strong viability
In theory, long-term storage capacity can only be maintained if the temperature is kept below -130 ° C, the so-called "glass transition temperature".
So a major advantage of using liquid nitrogen storage is that as long as liquid nitrogen is in close contact with the inventory, it will remain stable at -196 ° C. Compared to steam storage, there is no temperature gradient and the sample can be cooled uniformly. Improve the viability of sperm and embryos.
In addition, people do not need to worry about the risk of low survival rate of sperm and embryos after storage due to temperature gradients in the steam storage container. Although the storage of steam itself is not without risks, pathogenic growth, especially fungal growth, is certain to occur.
In summary: liquid nitrogen storage has the advantages of low cost and strong sperm and embryo viability.
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