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Application Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank And Its Attention

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-08-25
         Liquid nitrogen tank is an important equipment for cattle to improve the cold distribution center, frozen semen should be placed in the liquid nitrogen transport and storage.
         1) Liquid nitrogen tank structure
         Liquid nitrogen cans are like thermostats. Due to the use of different, basically can be divided into two types, their size, shape and price are not the same.
         (1) The liquid nitrogen tank used by the artificial breeding center
         Is characterized by large capacity, the neck open a larger, easy to take inside the semen, the liquid nitrogen capacity of large, and therefore not suitable for farm use.
         (2) Long-life liquid nitrogen tank for farm use
         This liquid nitrogen tank neck stenosis, limiting the capacity of liquid nitrogen cans, less content, and thus suitable for field use.
         2) Should be used when the child's safety issues
         Due to the extremely low temperature of the liquid nitrogen, it should be very dangerous if not properly used. Therefore, the following points should be given special attention:
         (1) Does not touch the liquid nitrogen, if the contact with the skin for too long will burn the skin, contact with the eyes will seriously affect vision.
         (2) Take the semen to use tweezers, if the skin directly contact with the metal keg will be stuck and torn.
         (3) Should be slowly inserted into the object to prevent liquid nitrogen cut out. Because the liquid when the liquid will be boiling, may be spilled out of the tank, nitrogen action should also be slow.
         (4) Can only use liquid nitrogen tank comes with a plug to prevent liquid nitrogen evaporation. If other plugs are used, the liquid nitrogen tank pressure may increase and cause fog or cause loss of liquid nitrogen.
         3) When to add liquid nitrogen
         Use the probe to measure the depth of the liquid nitrogen to know when the nitrogen is filled. The measurement method is very simple, fine plastic rod for the probe into the tank for some time, out on the air, the probe will appear on a box line, so you can measure the height of liquid nitrogen. If not timely nitrogen, liquid nitrogen will be depleted.
         Another method is to first determine the critical weight of the liquid nitrogen tank (That is, the weight of the nitrogen), and then called once every time, when the same with the critical weight, it should be nitrogen.