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B ultrasound examination plan for pregnant sows

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-01-15
B ultrasound for veterinary medicine can be inspected within 17-25 days of sow breeding, but because the amniotic fluid is not enough, the gestational sac is relatively small, and the B-ultrasound image is relatively small, so it will be difficult to control and judge. Generally after 18 days, the amniotic fluid will gradually increase, the pregnancy sac will become larger, and the black spots on the B-ultrasound will also become clear. By 25 to 35 days (that is, about 30 days), the amniotic fluid ratio of the gestational sac is the highest, and the dark spots formed are also the most awake. So the judgment accuracy is 100%. After 40 days, this is that the piglets in the gestational sac have begun to form. The gestational sac includes both amniotic fluid and piglets. The proportion of amniotic fluid is reduced, and the ultrasound imaging will be mixed, which is not conducive to discrimination. Fetal age exceeds 45 days, fetal bones begin to calcify, various organs begin to differentiate, and obvious fetal bodies appear in the gestational sac. Regular flashing white spots appear in the image, which is the fetal heart. The fetal heart is an important sign to judge whether it is stillbirth.
B ultrasound examination plan for pregnant sows