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Notes on the use of liquid nitrogen tanks in the laboratory

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-01-06
In order to store experimental specimens, the laboratory needs products such as liquid atmosphere tanks, liquid nitrogen, and cryogenic storage tanks. Especially for liquid nitrogen, it is necessary to use it to freeze a large number of experimental supplies such as specimens, cells, samples, plus the small space and valuable items. So pay attention to the following points when using liquid nitrogen in the laboratory:
      1: Be careful not to let liquid nitrogen directly stay on the skin.
      2: When transferring liquid nitrogen, wear safety glasses or a mask. Wear gloves when touching anything cooled by liquid nitrogen.
      3: Do not pour it into a bottle glass. Never seal it in any container (otherwise it will explode).
      4: Do not use in a small room with poor ventilation, and do not pour liquid nitrogen on the floor for processing. It will replace enough oxygen to suffocate.
      5: Do not store liquid nitrogen in uncovered containers for a long time. Because the boiling point of oxygen is 90.1K higher than the boiling point of nitrogen, oxygen can be condensed from air into liquid nitrogen. If the air above the nitrogen circulates, liquid oxygen will accumulate to a certain level, which may cause a violent reaction with organic substances.
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Notes on the use of liquid nitrogen tanks in the laboratory