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Application of B-ultrasound to sows

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2020-01-02
Ultrasound for pigs can assist users in more scientific breeding management. If used properly, it can reduce emptiness and improve reproduction rate. So what should a pig do when the sow detects an empty sow cup?
Empty sow treatment:
A. The first time the sow is empty, make a clear mark on the pig and record it on the record sheet. Focus on observation. Repeat the test after one week. If it is still empty, you need to breed again or Artificial insemination.
B. The ovulation detector can be used to detect the recessive estrus sows to determine the exact estrus time; for non-estrus sows, an aphrodisiac can be injected.
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Application of B-ultrasound to sows