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Liquid nitrogen container type

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-12-30
Liquid nitrogen tanks can be divided into two categories according to their use: storage-type liquid nitrogen tanks and transport-type liquid nitrogen tanks.
Storage type liquid nitrogen tank: This type of container has high performance and long storage time of liquid nitrogen. It is mainly used for static storage of liquid nitrogen and refrigerated items. It can be transported without load, but cannot be transported for long or short distances when filled with liquid nitrogen or refrigerated items. During use, it should be handled with care, to reduce the movement as much as possible, and pay attention to shock resistance.
Transport type liquid nitrogen tank: This type of container adds a special structure design of anti-vibration on the basis of liquid nitrogen storage tank. It can be used for static storage of liquid nitrogen, refrigerated goods, and can also be used for long and short distance liquid nitrogen transportation.
1. The liquid nitrogen container can only be filled with liquid nitrogen, whether it is a storage type or a transport type. Do not fill other low-temperature media, especially liquid oxygen, so as to prevent it from interacting with flammable substances in the container and causing explosion.
2. Do not place the container near the heat source, and do not place anything on top of the container. The evacuation nozzle adopts a repeatable air extraction structure. This place cannot be started, otherwise the cooling performance will be affected.
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