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Liquid Nitrogen Container Leakage Treatment

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-08-25
Liquid nitrogen temperature is very low, the use of liquid nitrogen container need to be very careful, direct contact with the human body hurt. The following TianChi liquid nitrogen tank staff for you to explain the liquid nitrogen tank leakage treatment methods:
Liquid nitrogen container use more and more widely, the use of more and more people. With the accident more and more, we only learn to deal with simple, in order to be more secure, the correct use of liquid nitrogen cans. Liquid nitrogen tank leakage treatment method is commonly used liquid nitrogen tank people need to master the skills. Encountered liquid nitrogen leakage, the rapid evacuation of polluters should be evacuated to the upper hand, to isolate, strictly restrict access. Emergency workers are advised to wear self-contained positive pressure respirator, wear cold clothing. Do as far as possible to cut off the source of leakage, do not directly contact the spill. But also to avoid leakage of liquid into the basement or other closed work space, if it can not be avoided immediately notify the relevant departments to deal with. With the exhaust fan will leak out to the air, to prevent the accumulation of other low in the concave, the case of fire source fire explosion.