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Liquid Nitrogen Container Product Quality Assurance Range

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-08-23
         The company produces liquid nitrogen container products in the normal use of the case, since the date of receipt of the user, within a year if found to cause the use of the reasons for the use of the following methods:
         Liquid nitrogen container for the initial filling liquid nitrogen, such as liquid nitrogen container surface appears a large number of condensate water, frost and other anomalies, our company is responsible for free repair or exchange.
         Liquid nitrogen containers for the first time before the test, if the product found that the liquid nitrogen storage period is lower than the standard requirements, our company is responsible for free maintenance or exchange.
         In a year, when the product is indeed my company's manufacturing quality problems, our company is responsible for the inspection of goods maintenance.
         The liquid nitrogen container of the product due to a number of professional and technical, and therefore a failure, only the liquid nitrogen containers to return to our company for inspection and maintenance.
         If the liquid nitrogen container to be repaired or exchange, must be shipped complete accessories containers, and the number of product certification, a copy of the purchase vouchers back to the company for inspection.
         If one of the following circumstances, our company will not implement the "Three Guarantees".
         The user unauthorized open the container vacuum connector, resulting in liquid nitrogen tank container vacuum sealing joint damage or spool seal damage.
         The storage container is filled with liquid nitrogen or put frozen items in the case, for vehicle transport use, resulting in product quality problems.
         Not liquid nitrogen container product use and the relevant provisions of the requirements of the use of liquid nitrogen container shell depression, neck was scratched by internal pressure deformation or leakage, the liner was corrosion and so on.
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