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Liquid nitrogen tank fitting lock cover

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-08-12
The liquid nitrogen tank lock cover is composed of a top cover and a base. When the flip cover and the base are combined, the lock is found at the base, which is convenient for the user to lock. The lock cover does not contain the lock. The lock needs to be configured by the user, and the liquid nitrogen tank is locked to ensure the safe storage of the sample.
The liquid nitrogen tank lock cover can be sent to the user after the manufacturer installs it. The liquid nitrogen tank and the lock cover are bought separately, and the user cannot install it himself. If necessary, buy it with a liquid nitrogen tank.
Tips for Tianchi Liquid Nitrogen Tank: The main function of the lock cover is to ensure the safety of the sample. If the user only uses it to store liquid nitrogen, it is not recommended to add a lock cover.
Liquid nitrogen tank fitting lock cover
liuqid nitrogen tank