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What is the reason why the ice machine is full of lights

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-07-17
The ice machine's full light flashes quickly because the ice removal time exceeds the specified time and the machine automatically protects.
Ice machine maintenance method: Generally, in this case, you can restart it. If it appears repeatedly, check whether the skateboard swings up and down.
If the two-way solenoid valve is damaged, this phenomenon will also occur. The machine can be cooled, but when the ice cube reaches the set thickness, the water pump stops working and the ice cube does not fall off. The forced ice removal is used during the inspection (long press and hold the selection button) 3 seconds), if there is no obvious airflow sound in the ice maker, it can be considered that the two-way solenoid valve is broken. It can be checked whether the solenoid valve power supply is normal. If the power supply is normal, the coil test machine can be replaced, and the valve body itself cannot be opened. less.
What is the reason why the ice machine is full of lights