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How to accept the dewar vessel

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-07-15
Dewar vessel is a container for storing and transporting liquid nitrogen. It is now used for tube rice. Not only the storage of liquid nitrogen, but also the use of medical, cosmetic, metal cold treatment, animal sperm preservation, etc. How to accept dewar vessel?
Before using the dewar vessel, first check the casing for damage and check the vacuum vent. If it is destroyed, the degree of vacuum will be reduced, and it will not be insulated to affect the use value of the container.
Then check the inside of the dewar vessel. If there is any foreign matter, remove it first to prevent the inner tank from being corroded. If you want to fill the liquid nitrogen, the new liquid nitrogen tank or the dry tank must be pre-cooled to prevent the temperature from damaging the tank too quickly.
Regular use of liquid nitrogen container is routinely checked to ensure that the life of the liquid nitrogen tanks is not shortened.
How to accept the dewar vessel