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Laboratory ice machine cleaning operation program

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-07-10
Laboratory ice machine cleaning operation program
(1) When the ice collecting process is finished and the ice cube falls off the evaporation tray, turn the function switch to the “stop” position;
(2) Take out the ice cubes in the storage refrigerator;
(3) Turn the switch to the “cleaning” position, start the cleaning or disinfection process, and the water begins to be poured into the water tank.
(4) When the water pump is running, the water flows out of the water distribution pipe, and after flowing through the evaporation plate, an appropriate amount of cleaning agent is added to the water tank.
(5) The ice making machine automatically completes the cleaning process and automatically rinses the machine.
(6) After the cleaning is completed, the ice machine enters the standby state. At this point, the function is turned to the "ice making" position, and the ice machine starts to make ice.
Laboratory ice machine cleaning operation program