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Liquid nitrogen container service life extension method

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-07-08
Tianchi liquid nitrogen container itself has a life span of five years, but if you use it improperly or do not maintain it, its life will be greatly reduced. The specific maintenance methods are as follows:
1. The liquid nitrogen container is only used to hold liquid nitrogen, and it is not allowed to hold other liquids;
2. Check whether the inside of the container is clean and dry before use;
3. Pre-cooling with a small amount of liquid nitrogen before filling with liquid nitrogen;
4. For long-term storage, it is necessary to replenish liquid nitrogen regularly. The timing of replenishment should generally be one third of the total volume of liquid nitrogen.
5. It is strictly forbidden to place objects on the container cover and seal the neck opening;
6. Strictly prevent impact and collision;
7. It is strictly forbidden to remove the frost in the neck tube with a hard object to avoid damage to the neck tube.
Liquid nitrogen container service life extension method