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Liquid nitrogen container storage / transportation type features

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-06-24
Liquid nitrogen container are divided into two categories: storage type and transportation type. What are the characteristics and differences between the two types?
Storage liquid nitrogen container: This type of container is mainly used for static storage of liquid nitrogen and refrigerated goods. It can be transported without load. It should be lightly handled during use to minimize movement and attention to shock.
Transport liquid nitrogen containers: These containers add a special anti-vibration structural design to the liquid nitrogen storage tank. It can be used to store liquid nitrogen, refrigerate items, and to transport long and short liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen container storage / transportation type features
Note: 1. Liquid nitrogen containers can only be filled with liquid nitrogen, whether it is storage or transportation.
2.The container should not be close to the heat source, and no more things can be placed on the container. The evacuation nozzle adopts a repeatable pumping structure, and this place cannot be started, otherwise it will affect the cold preservation performance.