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What Are The Functions Of The Veterinary B Ultrasound Scanner

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-05-24
Veterinary B ultrasound scanner monitoring follicular development and ovulation provide a reliable scientific basis for when to breed and improve breeding rate;
Veterinary B-ultrasound early pregnancy monitoring can found the empty pregnancy sow at the 23 days after breeding,so that take some measures as soon as possible;
Pregnancy veterinary B-ultrasound monitoring can detect stillbirth,abortion,embryo absorption,etc.,and estimate the number of whelp.
What Are The Functions Of The Veterinary B Ultrasound Scanner
B-ultrasound monitoring of veterinary during pregnancy can determine the vitality of the fetus and whether the fetus and the placenta are exhausted;
Postpartum veterinary B-ultrasound monitoring can observe the recovery of the uterus, and diagnose endometritis, pyometra, effusion and other reproductive disorders.