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The Typical Images Of Color Screen Ultrasound Equipment

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-05-17
  The images of the sows in each period of pregnancy have their own characteristics, but when summed up, there are only three typical images of typical periods.
 (1) Empty pregnancy image: At this time, the uterus detected by the instrument(color screen ultrasound equipment) is grayish white, and there is no content.
 (2) Images of 21-65 days of pregnancy, 21-65 days of sow pregnancy is the gestational period, the pregnant images we see are all gestational sacs, and the gestational sac is shown as a black round black hole on the B ultrasound.
The Typical Images Of Color Screen Ultrasound Equipment
 (3) Images after 70 days of pregnancy, at this time, the bones of the piglets have been calcified, and the amniotic fluid is absorbed. At this time, there is no longer a black gestational sac, but a small pig's spine with a curved line like a dotted line. However, there is still a big difference between the image and the empty pregnancy image.
 (4) In another case, when the sow's uterus is completely obscured by the bladder that is urinating, the pregnancy test should not be performed at this time, but should be detected after the sow has finished urinating, because the bladder  has already obscured the uterus. Can't see the situation inside the uterus.