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Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Containers Storage And Handling

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-08-16
Storage and use liquid nitrogen containers with adequate ventilation. Do not store containers in confined areas or in areas unprotected from the extremes of weather.
Cryogenic containers are equipped with pressure relief devices designed to control the internal pressure. Under normal condition these containers will periodically vent product. Do not plug, remove or tamper with any pressure relief device.
Cryogenic containers must be stored, handled, and transported in the upright position.
Use a suitable hand truck for moving smaller containers. Move larger container by pushing, not pulling. Use freight elevators whenever possible to transport liquid nitrogen.
If there is any difficulty in operating the container valve or container connections discontinue use and contact the vendor. 
Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Containers Storage And Handling