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The Application Of Animal B Ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-04-19
Animal b ultrasound is suitable for use in pastures,breeding farms,pet hospitals, animal hospitals, veterinary stations and scientific teaching and research. The depth of detection is deep, the image is clear and delicate, and the function is complete.
1.Veterinary B-ultrasound observation of the behavior of various organs in dogs.
The liver and kidney move with the breathing, and the abdominal wall mass (deep) does not follow the respiratory activity; the activity pattern of the intracardiac structure.
The Application Of Animal B Ultrasound
2.Veterinary animal B-ultrasound observation of the nature of various organs of the dog.
According to the ultrasound image showing the internal echo characteristics of the organ or lesion (with or without echo, echo strength,thickness and uniform distribution,etc.) can identify the nature of the lesion is cystic (thickness of the wall,internal separation and papillary,intracapsular Thick or thick liquid,etc.), substantive (uniform density) or gas.