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Early Pregnancy Test Of Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-03-29
The most important thing for farmers to raise cows is milk, but it is only cows that produce calves can produce milk.In the natural state, the cow will have a high-yield milking period of 300 days after calving, and then the output will continue to decline until it is dry.How can we keep dairy cows productive? It is to let the cows become pregnant as soon as possible after calving, so that when the milk of the cow's first child enters the dry period, the new one is born again, so that the cow enters the high-yield milk period.
Early Pregnancy Test Of Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner
The specialized breeders on the dairy farm will use artificial insemination to make the cows pregnant and let the cows get pregnant quickly.But can't guarantee that the cow will definitely get pregnant.This requires an accurate way to determine if the cow is really pregnant.The traditional breeder judges whether the cow is pregnant by rectal touch (using the rectum to touch the uterus through the rectum and feeling the presence of the fetus by hand).This method usually at 40 days of artificial insemination (about 35 days of high technology, but the rate of misdiagnosis is also high) can make it out and make a judgment.If the veterinary portable ultrasound scanner is used for testing, it can be judged at 25-30 days.It's 10-15 days in advance, and the rate of misdiagnosis is much lower than that of rectal palpation.