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Color Screen Ultrasound Equipment And Fetal Development

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-02-22
Color screen ultrasound equipment can observe changes in fetal development, which can be carried out from both the extraembryonic structure and the intra-embryonic structure of the fetus.Extraembryonic structures are uterus, gestational sac, fetal membrane, placenta, umbilical cord, fetal shape and limbs and fetal movement,the intra-embryonic structure is the heart, stomach, kidney, bladder, bones, etc. of the fetus.These changes are the basic basis for monitoring fetal development, fetal survival, early detection of stillbirth, fetal malformation, etc.B-ultrasound makes the breeding work more refined´╝îwhen taking the early pregnancy test for cattle,people can find that cows that often have early fetal deaths.If this type of cow is not detected, it will increase the incidence of reproductive diseases such as endometritis and the long-term non-estrus of cattle.B-ultrasound monitoring of fetal development is also one of the means to shorten the empty pregnancy period of cattle.
Color Screen Ultrasound Equipment And Fetal Development