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Cattle Ultrasound And Gestational Age And Fetal Gender

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-02-15
Cattle ultrasound can confirm whether the cow is conceived on the 28th day after breeding, and can accurately estimate the gestational age based on the size of the detected embryo.
Cattle Ultrasound And Gestational Age And Fetal Gender
B ultrasound can estimate the sex of the fetus early.This is mainly based on the differentiation and displacement of the fetal reproductive nodules and the development of the external genitalia. Cows can judge male and female according to reproductive nodules from 55 to 75 days of conception.After 5 months,the external genitalia can be scanned to determine the male and female.Therefore, B-ultrasound technology can get the results of the male-female ratio earlier in the pasture control, and it is also beneficial to the farm to choose high-quality frozen essence and increase the benefit of the farm.